Presidential’s Executive Jet Management services are a comprehensive operations, asset, and charter management solution for aircraft owners. Our team’s experience in the jet charter business assures that every detail is taken care of efficiently and effectively.

For those owners who do not require full aircraft management and maintenance services, we also offer specific support in flight operations, crew management, private aircraft maintenance planning, quality assurance, administrative support, and procurement.

Whatever type or level of service you seek, our highly personalized approach to aircraft management begins with understating the unique needs and desires of the owner. Presidential Aviation will deliver a completely custom-tailored program to fully meet those expectations.


Presidential Executive Jet Management services include:

  • Pilot recruitment, qualification and training
  • Supervision of flight crew personnel
  • Aircraft and crew scheduling and readiness
  • Aircraft Maintenance tracking, record keeping and full support
  • FAA regulatory compliance
  • Performance-based monthly management fee with clear monthly financial statements
  • Record keeping for accounting

Our end-to-end aircraft maintenance and administrative capabilities allow private jet owners to maximize the investment value of their asset and simply enjoy the lifestyle benefits of aircraft ownership. Indeed, the jet you own can be making you money when you are not on board. We can turn your personal jet into an income-producing asset through charter revenue. Presidential Aviation can guarantee a minimum number of charter flight hours to be sold on your aircraft, assuring a lucrative ongoing income stream.

Financial Benefits

Luxury private jet ownership can be a complicated and costly endeavor rife with details, so partnering with an experienced, reliable, and safety-driven jet aircraft management company is paramount. This enables the best and most enjoyable experience possible with your private aircraft while also keeping expenses to a minimum to ensure your investment is maximized.

This is why Presidential Aviation is the trusted choice for many leisure and business private jet owners who leverage our certified operator status to realize multiple fleet-scale discounts and profit positioning. These include:


Presidential Aviation participates in a nationwide fuel discount program that allows individual private jet owners to benefit from the combined buying power of our entire fleet. On a 24/7/365 basis, your assigned flight coordinator and crew can readily determine the best fuel prices at any location in the U.S. as well as many international destinations. Continuous negotiation efforts foster better rates, and those discounts are passed directly to our Private Jet Management clientele along with the nominal cost of the fuel discount program’s operation. This benefit alone can save a private jet owner anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00 per gallon.


The fleet-scale cost efficiencies realized with Presidential Aviation’s Executive Jet Management Services also extend to pilot and crew training, as our clients enjoy preferential rates from the two top training companies operating in the United States. This guarantees top-notch simulator based training and our assurance that all pilots, in-flight crew members and maintenance personnel will not just meet but will exceed FAA safety standards in the performance of their duties. Our custom-tailored services also alleviate many other human resource burdens and expenses surrounding training, such as staff sourcing, interviewing, hiring, payroll and benefit oversight.


As a premier aircraft management company we will go to great lengths to ensure your private jet remains in the best possible condition and, thus, its investment value upheld. This is achieved through rigorous care by our in-house team of factory-trained technicians who are integral to our overriding private aircraft maintenance, repair, and safety department, which boasts state-of-the-art equipment and unrivaled detail-oriented protocols for needed day-to-day upkeep. The hourly rates for our on-staff jet aircraft maintenance personnel provide considerable cost savings over factory fees, and our convenient on-site Aircraft Maintenance Services result in less downtime to ensure the equipment remains at-the-ready when needed. In addition, private jet aircraft owners also benefit from Presidential Aviation’s negotiated discounts on major maintenance and refurbishment jobs from a carefully validated network of highly qualified private aircraft maintenance providers.


Our fleet-wide group insurance policy is underwritten by internationally recognized insurers with coverage limits up to USD 500 million. Due to Presidential Aviation’s private jet fleet size and high operating standards, this program entitles private jet aircraft owners to take advantage of low fleet premium rates, and extremely broad policy coverage. When compared to individual private jet insurance, the savings are substantial.

Charter Management Revenue

When you are not on board your aircraft, it can be generating a significant amount of supplemental revenue as a Presidential Aviation-managed personal or corporate private jet charter. Under our charter management program, we will oversee each and every facet of the private jet charter process to ensure you reap all of the financial benefits and none of the headaches. Of course, all such charters are arranged around your schedule and use of the airplane, and you will have the opportunity to approve all charter flights booked for your aircraft in advance to ensure you maintain full authority on aircraft activities. Because Presidential Aviation can guarantee a minimum number of charter hours to be sold on your private jet aircraft, you will be able to anticipate and budget for the profit stream accordingly.

If you have additional questions about our Executive Jet Management services, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.